Follow the terrorist’s truck along Drottninggatan April 7, 2017

/ Writer Ingemar Lindmark

Around 14:30 Adolf Fredriks street 12. Spendrups truck parks outside Caliente(1). The driver then lower the tail lift to unload the keg to the restaurant when a man masked with a balaclava jump into the cab and kick start. Restaurant manager Mattias Izgin see how the driver gets a boost when he runs in front of the car, which rivstarter with black tire tracks on Sveavägen

Food Workers Federation’s press officer Ingrid Persson said after contact with the driver:
– He is shocked and slightly injured. We do not want to comment on his condition in general, but assumes and believes that employers take their responsibility in this and support him

Prior to the cemetery where Olof Palme is buried takes the truck to the left.There pinched a car parked against the wall at Holländargatan (2). Since the left side of Kammakargatan and then left again at Drottninggatan. Concrete lions not stop the progression, since one is not secured in the asphalt due to road works (3).

Two concrete lions lower on Drottninggatan forcing the car to the left of Wallingatan where the curve jams two cars (4). Then right at Holländargatan in the opposite direction.

(Arriving at Adolf Fredriks street seen to the left crosswalk where spouses Palme crossed Sveavägen murder overnight 1985. Follow their migration ).

The truck driving instead to the right the direction of travel of Adolf Fredriks street. Spendrupchauffören detects the vehicle and follow when running to the left performs Drottninggatan.

The owner of the CUM Streetwear , Dominika Skansen , 47, sits and sews when she hears:
– I heard the bang when this large concrete lion moved, so I looked it up before the truck riding by. I ran out of the store, and when the cloud of smoke after the truck has settled, I saw two bodies lying on the street.

Skadad tas om hand på Drottninggatan strax efter korsningen Adolf Fredriks gata, Vy norrut. Klicka till bilden Business Insider.

Injured taken care at Drottninggatan just after crossing Adolf Fredriks street view north. Click the image to Business Insider.

Two concrete lions overcome before the car mow down the first victims in front of the jeweler’s shop Carat. One woman seems to lie lifeless on the street while the other moves and taken into a store. The car seems to have locked a brake on leaving long skid marks along the street. (5)

The first ambulance in place, with the medic Kenneth Lavrell , 64. He was also the first person who took care of skjutne Olof Palme three blocks east.

The truck passes Helene Olsson, 22,  half meter margin. Seconds later, she sees how the driver steers straight for a family with a small child.
– The others managed to jump away but the woman, maybe it was the mother, was hit by the lamp and flew away.

Helene Olsson was with three friends go to a concert. They sit on the cafe’soutdoor terrace in the corner Adolf Fredriks Church Street / Drottninggatan . She looks at friends’ eyes to something going on behind her.
– I see that the screams and moves backward. When I look diagonally backwards and seeing a truck careen into Drottninggatan at high speed. He lurches toward us on the terrace, and is half a meter from hitting us. I see a woman being hit. She came down as it seems a family: a woman and a man with a younger child.
– The others managed to jump away but the woman, maybe it was the mother, was hit by the lamp and flew away. She was bleeding from the head and was unconscious.

Helene Olsson according to Expressen :
– He plowed through the whole street. He drove straight through things that just flew. There was a big cloud of dust and gravel. The sound I remember is when he runs on signs and people screaming in hysteria.
– It felt like a war zone, like a horrible movie that went very quickly. People ran into the kitchen I went into the bathroom, I vomited in shock. People sat and shook.

– Then we were told that they shot and ran into the Åhléns. And then we sat there until the firemen came. And just a couple of minutes later, the police came and blocked off and it felt that it was for real. It was something you had really experienced

The film shows Drottninggatsbacken south of Wallingatan.

Several people are injured outside of central Bath and the car continues on Olof Palmes gata (6).

A witness came from Central Badet shortly after the truck passed:
– It was terrible. Lots of blood on the street and people were everywhere. They did CPR on two people exactly where I was, but one of them was probably already dead.

At Bistro Boheme opposite Central Badet hear the butler Romain La Torre , 57
– I was inside the restaurant and heard a guest on the terrace which roared. He cried so much that many on the street reacted and managed to see the truck and move. I think he saved many, it was more on the street walking around with headphones in their own little world.

(Flashback 2010: Near the intersection of Drottninggatan / Olof Palmes street exploded gas cylinders in a white Audi julrusningen in December 2010. Then came the Iraqi Taimour Abdulwahab Drottninggatan to trigger the suicide bomb at the intersection towards Bryggargatan).

Olof Palmes gata – Kungsgatan about 14:50

Gabriel sit and drink coffee with a colleague at the intersection of Drottninggatan / Olof Palmes street  when he sees people come running.

– I looked to the right and saw a mother who was standing with his back to and held on with her stroller. And then I saw the truck coming toward her. The girl was standing right next to her and looked in the same direction as the truck was driving.

Gabriel springer into the street and grabs the girl standing a few meters in front of him.
– I picked her up to two seconds after the truck drove out who I believe was the mother. I think the girl was in shock, she just stared and when I got her in my arms began her tears come, he says.

Emily Hasselquist ,  28, is with his colleagues on the way to team building. Although the music in the headphones she heard someone yell at the intersection of Drottninggatan / Olof Palmes street. She sees the truck fast driving on the sidewalk a few centimeters from her. Emily sees two people, probably father and daughter. The man released the girl seconds before the car is thrown up in the air. Emily fleeing in panic but returns and see how the crying girl carried away.

When Hassan, 41 , the green light on Olof Palmes street, he sees screaming people come running. He sees a child thrown into the air by the car. He tells:

– I saw a boy lying on the ground and bleeding. He screamed for his mother and that he was in pain, so I ran to him. I kissed his hand, tried to tell him that everything would work out, it was quiet. Just then, he was my son.

Hassan also take care of the woman who is the boy’s grandmother. People are all over the ground, there is chaos and blood flow. Many took refuge in the stores. It turns out later that the boy survives.

Belgian tourist gets Maïlys Dereymaekerr This first fatality. She was the mother of two children and psychologist for asylum seekers.

The chef Gaeton Graham looks truck driving on a man at the crossroads Olof Palmes gata and running by:

– The driver drove like it was a race car. I thought he was going to crash soon and that I could maybe do something.

Later on Drottninggatan see Graham, who is originally from Australia, lifeless people. A woman with a baby carriage stands out as petrified.
– I just ran. I saw the victims but did not, I did not really see. At the crossing Kungsgatan / Drottninggatan, it was really awful. I’ve never seen anything like this before, says Gaeton Graham.

Kungsgatan. Eyewitnesses tells Swedish Television :

– We sat here in the intersection of Drottninggatan and Kungsgatan and heard the scraping loudly. We thought it was a scaffold that fell when we saw a truck flew by. It ran really fast. Then I looked out and I would not have done. There are several dead people here.

– We went Kungsgatan towards Drottninggatan and heard a truck. We walked past and then there are two people on the ground. Then the truck continued on Drottninggatan, then we did not see where it went.

Alexander Pärleros, who came on Main Street, says the Express :

– In the middle of the crossing was a person’s death. No nearby knew what had happened, so I went closer and thought that maybe I could help. Then I heard the bang, then people began to flee in panic, he says.

The SL bus at Kungsgatan cross studs for the truck. Radio journalist Martin Svenningsen throw themselves out of the bus to help injured:
– There was blood everywhere. I saw two bodies and tried to save a third, but could not. I leaned back and closed his eyes, said Svenningsen.

Eric Björklund had been inside the Concert Hall at Hötorget when the truck at high speed drove past on Drottninggatan.

A person running to death at the crossing on Main Street. Eric Björklund see the truck pass quickly:
– We thought a bus running on someone. We walked around there and were approaching this situation. Then suddenly the police and shouting running.

Björklund continues:
– It was a harrowing experience to see this. I realized that he was dead. For it was in the process of covering the victim. You could see the legs, and the rest of the body was covered. This has been a difficult experience. I find it hard to get rid of it.

Together with colleagues from nearby Cityakuten rushing orthopedic surgeon Joakim Nordahl out to take care of the injured:

– People scattered along a long distance. We split up and tried to create an overview of what kind of damage was about and what was most acute. Some people had already tried to revive.

– Right now, I saw a dead man lying in Kungsgatan and many injured tweet Daniel Assai , kicked Secretary of the Sweden Democrats.

By all accounts, it Sportyfychefen Chris Bevington killed on Kungsgatan.

The picture shows Nordahl adjacent deaths Kungsgatan. Click the image to Aftonbladet

An eighty year old woman has bought a birthday gift to his daughter when she sees the car and take a step in the side. She’ll be with fractured an arm and a leg and pulled into a store after receiving morphine. She sees three dead and several injured. The woman, based in St. Clara Church, please:
– I cried out to God. “Come help! Send the Holy Spirit’s healing power! “Other injured asked what I was doing and I said I talked to the chief physician. And then they asked: “How do we pray? I do not know how to do it. Pray for me, too! ”

Kungsgatan -Åhléns

Klicka till bilden hos Svt

Between PUB houses driving the car to death  Iggy . He was adopted as a homeless dog from Ireland in 2012.

Outside Zara, Drottninggatan 68 , between the cross streets Gamla Brogatan and Bryggargatan: Therese Walther , 30, from Hässleholm would just change a jumper on the fashion house when she sees the truck run on a girl.

14:51 pay Lisa for goods at Zara .
– I heard a loud bang and began lot of people run into the store. One person shouted “terrorist”. Then I saw something great that flimmrade past. It went so fast that I did not understand what it was.

Her partner Johan Petter who was sitting on a bench outside was gone. He says later:

– I sat and scrollade Mobile when I saw the truck 20 meters away from me. It wobbled forward at high speed so I ran as fast as I could down a side street.

Lisa goes against the current on the street to find his partner after a while calling.She recalls:

– People ran in panic and many shouted. I saw smoke billowing out from Åhléns but I chose to go out on the street and look for him.

The car sweeps the sidewalk outside Zara and H & M to the Master Samuelsgatan turn right towards Åhléns. A woman with a child  in the wagon passes. It’s Nicole Swan , Australian living in Stockholm. Both she and the baby survived.

Harvey Anturi hear noise and see a truck driving past.

– I saw people run outside and went out, away from Drottninggatan. There I saw two people who were injured in the middle of the street. I went ahead and saw a baby carriage. “Why is an empty baby carriage here?” I thought. Then I saw a two-year-ing behind which lay some distance away, bloody in the face. The mother was a few meters away from the baby, she was unconscious.

Further up the street he sees bags and shoes worn by their owners’ feet. Around him, people are trying to produce more ambulances.

Shortly after Bryggargatan, at the height of Claes Ohlson, see Ahmed Alhadi , 39, in the rearview mirror of an armored Loomis how the truck will still. People screaming, a terrorist, he realizes and throws himself on the horn. A large flower pot hit the car before its contents meet the man in the electric wheelchair.

A run over concrete lions bounce into the Stadium’s storefront next door. Flower pots are crushed and the soil is spread by the street with leaking diesel.

Outside KappAhl, opposite HM rinsed Kalle Boman , 64, of the earth and a lump of concrete from a truck jams flowerpot. Boman sitting in a Permobil but lucky for the car follows the opposite sidewalk.

– He was aiming at me, then swerved his car to the north. As he drove past, I see how people just disappear in front of it. I saw two people carried away a girl from there. I was really upset, says Kalle Boman.

The event is filmed by Fredrik Lie who see that others are taking shelter in the stores. Therefore, he hides behind a bench in the middle of the street. He continues to film in the wake of the car down to Åhléns.


(Flashback Bryggargatan 2010:  About five o’clock December 11 a bomb exploded on Bryggargatan, steps from Drottninggatan. The sidewalk was Taimour Abdulwahab by explosive abdomen, one of the six rörbomberna with spikes triggered by mistake. Had these together with the pressure cooker the explosives in a backpack exploded had many died in Chrismas rusch on Drottninggatan.)


The intersection Master Samuelsgatan pushes the truck away two concrete lions. One crushes ankle on beggar papusa Ciuraru , 83. The other fasts in the car and get the car most likely to swing towards the corner at Åhléns. Utrunnen diesel makes people slip on the street.

Relatives cry at the bed of the St. Göran Hospital. But papusa says quietly after anesthesia:

– There was an idiot who drove the truck down Drottninggatan. He drove down those ugly concrete lions. But me he did not manage to meet. And I’m still the 80th

Lama hear the bang when the car collides with the department store. In the street she sees the dead and injured.

Santiago Cueva trying to block the Drottninggatan at Åhléns with another CIT:
– When the truck crashed when I stepped out of the car and ran over there to help.

What I saw was horrible. I saw people who were run over and kill at the crossing.A woman was in the truck, there were many who tried to help her.

Stewards Bjorn, 33, and Gustav, 28 , who stands at the main entrance, knocked down by the blast when the truck drives into the second corner of the store.Panic running in all directions. On the street are several injured. Petter remember:
– Me and Bjorn dragged away a girl who was between the truck wheels. Gustav and Mattias helped to remove one lying on the ground.

Stina Nordström fleeing into an outdoor dining when the truck comes. She sees a six year old boy thrown from a wagon and stuck his head in the restaurant plexiglass. He’s bleeding a lot and crying for their parents and grandmother, who is badly injured and unconscious in the street.

.- I thought it was his mother and tried to talk to her so that she would know that the boy was alive, and the ambulance was on its way.

Julian Firpo , 36, runs to a woman lying unconscious in the intersection Master Samuelsgatan. He tries to get her away from the burning car until a doctor takes over. “The young woman I was trying to help on Friday after the horrific attack had such injuries that I was totally convinced that she would not have survived,” he wrote on Facebook. She does, and will be healthy.

Kristina Malmqvist wet from Åhléns will see an unconscious woman in the truck.She talks to the woman to keep her awake.
– There was no clear answers, it was confused, but I said my name and got to know her name, so we could communicate.

A man sitting at the head of the woman, while Kristina talking to her. Suddenly hit the flames from the truck and pull the woman from the scene as quickly as possible. They then helped the woman to move between multiple locations.

Kristina Malmqvist the injured woman. Klara Norra Kyrko Gata toward Åhlens. Click the picture of Aftonbladet.

The woman, in her 50s, was a tourist. She observed by  Josef Jawad  who has been at the Pizza Hut at the Drottninggatan:

– She screamed in English that she had just been in Stockholm for two days. The paramedics carried her all the way from Åhlens to Olof Palmes Gata, I went by and she cried all the way.

His car is parked so that it blocked the truck at Åhléns. The cab catching fire and spreading smoke outside the store.

Hot dog stand wedged into the truck without sausage seller injured. He saw the car and he was running away. His colleague  Gilberto Rodriguez left the kiosk just before to buy gas and saw the truck coming at Drottninggatan.

Spendrupbilen brought to the skyltfänster on Åhlens. Click the picture from the Daily News.

14:53, the police first alarm if the truck.

Christoffer Ung is at Åhléns when the truck breaks through the wall.

– I’m on the way to the end and see only the wall avalanche coming towards us.People turned in panic and ran for the exits. Then it’s just to get from the place as soon as possible. My first thought was that it slammed a bomb.

– When I came out of the building, I saw flames coming out of the building.

From Åhléns is 500 meters to the NK where Foreign Minister Anna Lindh was murdered in 2003.